Notable Cases

Lorton v. Jones

As stated by a local university Professor, the Nevada Supreme Court’s decision in Lorton v. Jones, 322 P.3d 1051 (2014), spearheaded by Stephanie Rice, holding that the limitations imposed under Article 15, Section 3(2) of the Nevada Constitution prohibit an individual who has served for 12 years or more as a council member from running for mayor of Reno has, “completely reshaped the political landscape of this City for many years to come.” 

Latham v. City of Sparks

Richard Salvatore represented local resident Darcie Latham in a Section 1983 excessive force action against the City of Sparks as a result of an interaction with the Sparks Police Department that went horribly wrong. 

State v. Shane Poole

Richard Molezzo, previously with Winter Street, successfully defended Gregory “Shane” Poole against open murder charges brought by the State of Nevada, resulting in a defense verdict in favor of Mr. Poole. 

Rent-A-Center v. Jackson

We are proud to be one of the rare law offices in the State of Nevada to have practiced before the United States Supreme Court. On April 26, 2010, this office presented oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court in the case of the case of Rent-A-Center v. Jackson, 130 S.Ct. 2772 (2010). 

Parlmer v. Pioneer

This office is proud to have participated in the landmark decision of Palmer v. Pioneer, in which we established a new law within the 9th Circuit, which is made up of nine states (including Nevada), so that attorneys can talk to people associated with a corporation involved in a lawsuit without having the attorney for that corporation present as long as the employee does not have speaking authority and cannot bind the corporation. 

Jones v. Deeter

This office participated in the seminal case of Jones v. Deeter, 112 Nev. 291(1996) regarding the enforceability of non-compete agreements in the State of Nevada. 

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